Regardless of what comes and goes, the act of rolling a joint and lighting up will never go out of fashion! That’s for sure.

What makes the experience of smoking a joint so memorable? Of course, it’s the weed. But the experienced ones will agree with me when I say rolling papers make a difference.

Here’s the deal: The best rolling papers makes the smoking part smooth and effortless. There won’t be uninvited coughs or bad tastes in your mouth with the best rolling papers.

Rolling papers come in unique flavors(or no flavors at all) and different sizes. By knowing about rolling papers, you can make your joints better than ever. Now go and make each high memorable! Read on for some ‘scientific gyan’ on rolling papers for all the Babajis out there.

Rolling papers decide the taste, burn speed, and smoothness of a joint. Now that’s something you should care about!!


Rolling Papers along the years

Mankind started getting stoned in ancient times. But, smoking in rolling papers began only around 500 years ago. It was in 15th century Spain that the very first rolling paper mills cropped up. Since then, rolling papers have evolved a lot. Today’s stoners have a wide variety of rolling papers choices, each with distinct size, material, flavor, and so on. Let’s take a red-eyed look at the most commonly used rolling papers.

How are rolling papers made?

Rolling papers are made out of plant fibers like hemp, rice straw, flax, or wood pulp. You might be thinking, what difference does it make? It makes a world of difference! The taste, speed of burn, and the ease of rolling the joint, all depend on the material used. Let’s take a brief look at each material and you’ll understand better.


Hemp rolling papers are highly popular among stoners nowadays. There are many reasons for this. They’re easy to roll, and once you blaze it, they burn at an even speed. Also, they don’t affect the aroma of your weed. Made from fibers of the hemp plant, they are more earth-friendly and healthier than other materials.

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Rice rolling papers are prepared by pressing rice. They are the thinnest rolling papers of them all. Being super-thin, they give you a flavorless smoke and burn slow. Rice papers are a healthy choice and the most sustainable material of the lot.

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You may have heard of flax seeds being a healthy food. Well, the plant’s fibers aren’t useless either; they are used to make rolling papers. Although not as popular as they used to be in the 20th century, they’re still an eco-friendly choice as they’re made from plant fibers.

Wood pulp

Wood pulp is one of the earliest rolling paper materials. They are thicker than other papers which makes rolling part easy. Even if it’s humid or rainy outside, or if you’re a beginner learning to roll, these papers offer fine grip. Also, they have a medium burn rate.

White-colored wood pulp papers are bleached, while the brown ones are unbleached. Remember, bleached ones may contain chemicals.

Transparent rolling papers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see the weed while you’re smoking? Transparent rolling paper lets you do just that. They are made of plant cellulose, and don’t have glue as the paper sticks by itself. Besides, they  burn slowly and ensure a smooth smoking experience.

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Types of Rolling papers Based on flavor

Flavored rolling papers give your joints unique and interesting flavors. They are ideal for special occasions. Remember, if you enjoy the natural aroma of weed, flavored rolling papers are probably not your thing as it brings a new taste to the smoke.

At Jonnybaba, we have two flavored rolling paper brands. The Slimjim Slushies Flavored Rolling Papers come in 5 different tastes. Further, the Juicy Jays flavored rolling papers also pack a delicious punch.

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Types of Rolling papers Based on Size

So, you’ve seen different rolling papers materials. But, there are also different sizes of them created to meet the stoners’ demand. Because, hey! Not everyone likes a fat joint! 

Ask yourself how much weed you like to stuff inside? If you are lighting up alone, you might not need a king size joint, but a single wide rolling paper would suffice. It’s pretty straightforward: bigger papers allow you to pack more weed.

Check out the most common sizes of rolling papers below:

King size: Looking for a standard-sized joint? Pick a king size rolling paper. They are 100X53 mm in dimension and are thicker than other rolling papers, which makes them burn faster. Thanks to their thickness, they’re easy to roll.

King size slim: These are almost as long as king size rolling papers but are slightly smaller in breadth. If you want a slightly slimmer joint, use a king size slim rolling paper.

Single wide: If you want to light up a solo joint and have some ‘me time’, better go for a single wide rolling paper. They hold much less weed than the King size.

Rolling Papers and Tobacco Online In India 

A single wide rolling paper is perfect if you want to smoke a small joint


1 ¼: Many basic packs offer 1¼ size rolling papers. Its standard dimension is 77X44 mm.

You can check out 1 ¼ sized rolling papers from our collection here.

1 ½: For slightly more room than the 1¼, get one-and-half size rolling papers. With more width than the former, they let you pack more bud.

There are also less popular sizes like double wide and supernatural size rolling papers. Browse the Jonnybaba rolling paper collection to find out the different sizes you can get.



Can rolling papers expire or go bad?

Rolling papers don’t expire, but they become dry upon storing for a long time. Further, their glue degrades with time. So, if you’re using old rolling papers, it might be difficult to stick the paper.


Are rolling papers biodegradable?

Yes. All rolling papers are biodegradable. Some may decompose quicker, depending on their material.


Which rolling papers are the healthiest(available in India)?

Rice and hemp-based rolling papers are the greenest of all rolling papers. Further, unbleached organic rolling papers don't undergo bleaching using chemicals. Hence, you need not worry much when rolling in these papers.

In India, there are hosts of brands selling healthy and organic unbleached rolling papers.

Hemp-based rolling papers are healthy and we have them in our collection. Check our Organic Hemp Rolling papers collection here.

RAW is one of the best rolling papers brands globally. They offer organic rolling papers of superior quality. And you can feel it for yourself when you take that first drag in a RAW joint. If you’d like to try it too, check out RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers here.


‘Elements’ offers rolling papers made of compressed rice. They are among the healthiest you can get in our country. These are ultra-thin papers that burn with a flavorless smoke. Do check out the Elements Rice rolling papers here.


What are rolling paper gums made of?

Generally, the rolling paper gum is prepared from sugar gum. Also known as gum Arabic, it is the hardened sap from the acacia tree. Being a natural product, it is safe for smoking.

Can Rolling papers impact the taste of weed?

Yes. Rolling papers can make the smoke feel different.

Pro tip: If your weed is too dry or slightly stale, using a flavored paper can cover up the bad taste.

What’s the deal with different colored rolling papers(white, brown)?

White rolling papers undergo bleaching, which means they may contain certain chemicals that give them their color. Brown rolling papers are not bleached and hence, they are clearly the healthier choice.

Which is better, rolling papers or pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled cones are ready-made empty joints, made for those who don’t have enough time to roll or those new to rolling. You can fill them up with weed and light up as you wish.

If you’re new to rolling, or want some ready-to-smoke cones with you, do visit our collection of pre-rolled cones.

Pro Tips for Rolling

Now that you know a thing or two about rolling papers, here are some pro tips for rolling weed in your favorite paper:

Use the right sized rolling papers. This means you shouldn’t roll in a King size paper if you have little weed. Instead, go for a single wide paper. This is because too much paper will make too much smoke. This may create a bad taste and is not good for the experience

In humid, rainy, or sweaty conditions, avoid rice rolling papers. These are too thin and are not easy to grip when it gets slightly wet.

The healthiest choice in rolling papers is rice and hemp.



The Last Puff

With so many rolling paper choices available, why don’t you gift yourself the best smoking experience? Let’s make every joint memorable! 

Visit Jonnybaba for more smoking accessories and enjoy your time rolling folks!