If you’ve gone to all the trouble of getting some decent dank weed, it’s just not right to smoke it through a nasty bong. You can probably recall a couple times when someone’s dirty bong almost ruined your enjoyment of what, otherwise, would have been a tasty bowl. That’s why you need to know how to clean a bong and how to clean a glass bong specifically — it’s not that hard.
There are some stoners who clean their bong weekly; some clean it daily. And, believe it or not, I personally know some pro-level Potheads who refuse to use a bong unless it is cleaned after every hit or two. That’s a little much though.
If you’re a heavy smoker, you should probably clean your Bong every one to two days. At a minimum, change your dirty bong water every day. Keeping fresh water in your bong helps prevent the growth of bacteria.
Why A Fresh Bong Is Important
  • Cleaner, angelic smoke with no leftover residue from past uses
  • Fewer impurities means a smoother less “harsh” hit
  • Reduces the risk of dangerous mold or bacterial build up
  • Can result in a more potent faster “high” due to most smoke coming from fresh herb vs a combination of fresh herb and leftover material
The 5-Step Salt Cleaning technique for your glass bong
A Fair amount of bong users swear by the cleaning power of salt. This is a quick process as you will see:
  1. Pour three or more tablespoons of salt into the bong through the mouthpieceand shooter. The coarser the salt, the better.
  2. Fill your bong with warm water until it is just beneath the bowl hole
  3. Cover the Shooter hole and mouthpiece hole and start shaking the glass piece. Do this for a few minutes.
  4. Pour the dirty water down the toilet.
  5. Keep rinsing with salt and warm water until you are satisfied that the piece is clean. At this stage, rinse until the salt is completely gone.
How to Clean a Glass Bong Using Isopropyl Alcohol
Now, it is time to focus on the long estabished tradition of using isopropyl alcohol to you’re your Glass Bongs Fresh. You can use 70% alcohol for lighter cleaning, but heavy users tend to rely on 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Here’s how to clean a glass bong with household items.
Aside from alcohol, you’ll need the following:
  • Table or rock salt, because it is coarser. When you add it to the alcohol, it is abrasive to the resin and residue, which boosts your solution’s cleaning power.
  • Pipe cleaners; wire cleaners are fantastic at getting to hard-to-reach spots.
  • Small pieces of cork, cotton, or fabric to plug the stem.
  • Rubber bands if your bong has several pieces. They prevent the parts from shaking while you clean.
  • Plastic gloves to protect your skin from the alcohol.
Time to Get Cleaning!
Now that we have the supplies, here’s how to clean a glass water bong:
  1. Remove all detachable parts with a particular focus on the stem and bowl. Make sure you rinse every piece with hot water to get rid of the gunge inside.
  2. Add the alcohol and salt to the bong. Experts suggest that adding the salt first is Essential. Otherwise, the alcohol melts it, and it goes to waste. Use the fabric/cotton/cork to cover the tube and stem after adding the isopropyl alcohol.
  3. With the alcohol and salt in your bong, shake it vigorously for a minimum of five minutes. If you failed to cover all the holes, now is the time you’ll regret it! The alcohol will spill all over the place.
  4. You must also immerse the glass stem and shooter in the alcohol and salt solution for several minutes.
  5. If you haven’t cleaned your bong in a while, you may have to repeat all of the above steps at least once more. If your bong is extremely dirty, soak in the solution for a few hours.
  6. Pour the solution into the toilet bowl and flush once finished. Soak pipe cleaners in the solution and use them to scrub every part of your bong.
  7. For extra shine, add a small amount of liquid soap. Fill your piece until it is about half full of water. Shake the soapy water around the part, and once again, plug all holes! After a minute of shaking, complete the process with a final rinse.
Regular Cleaning And Bong Care
The best way to deal with nasty resin build-up is to not let it build up to begin with.
As a safe and effective preventative measure, simply place a few drops of lemon juice in your bong water (never more, unless you want lemon-flavored smoke) and let the enzymes in the juice prevent resin build-up and keep the water smelling fresh. Then, when you’re done smoking for the day, empty your bong, rinse it, and store it empty.
BOOM! You’ll never have to do a major cleaning again. Neat trick huh?
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