Unleash JB Hempossible to it’s full potential: Crafting Your Own Cone Loader!

As a seasoned smoker, we tend to finish off our paper booklets within no time and most of the time, that’s the end of it. But what if I told you your empty rolling paper booklet has a hidden potential you were not aware of. It can help you fill in your J’s without causing any spills. Welcome to #LearnWithJB where we help you identify and implement secret hacks to make your smoking experience better.

Today, we're about to reveal a secret trick that'll make your rolling sessions even smoother. Get ready to turn your ordinary rolling paper booklet into a convenient cone loader with this fun and easy DIY tutorial! We will be using Jonnybaba’s Hempossible Rolling Paper booklet for this one

The process is simplified and broken down into seven simple steps

Step 1: Empty Your Booklet

Let's kick things off by ensuring your JB Hempossible booklet is empty. Gently open it up, making sure you don’t tear off any part of it unevenly. We're about to give this booklet a new purpose & being in the right shape is top most priority! Let’s go

Step 2: Trim the Excess

Grab your scissors and take a clear look as to which parts need to be cut off that are of no use for the cone loader. Once done, trim off the excess material from your booklet. This step sets the stage for crafting your cone loader, so take your time to get it just right. We’re in no hurries.

Step 3: Mark the edges

Look for a marker or a pen that you can use to mark the edges that need to be cut off. This will help you make the cutting process a breeze, mark your booklet as shown (in the picture). These guidelines will help you shape your cone loader with precision, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Step 4: Cut it off

Once the markings are done, it's time to get creative! Use your scissors to cut away the booklet cover, shaping it into the perfect form for your cone loader. This step is all about precision, don’t cut off the important edges or you might need a new booklet for this process.

Step 5: Fold for Stability

Once cut into shape,  let's fold your modified booklet cover to create a sturdy structure for loading your herbs. Fold your cutout as shown in the picture. This step ensures that your cone loader takes perfect shape during the time of use.

Step 6: Refine and Perfect

Since this material is a bit thicker than our usual papers, keeping it in place is often a task. Use a cutter or scissors to refine the shape of your cone loader as needed. This helps in giving the cone a proper shape to add bends and folds as per requirement. Make sure not to cut off the edges, only use the sharp objects to give proper shape to the fold. This is your chance to add those finishing touches and make sure everything fits just right.

Step 7: Voila! Your Cone Loader Is Ready

Step back and admire your handiwork. Try using this with a cone to see how perfectly you can fill in your product without spilling it anywhere. So that’s how you've just created your very own JB Hempossible cone loader! It's sleek, practical, and ready to take your rolling game to the next level.

Congratulations on unlocking the hidden potential of your JB Hempossible rolling paper booklet! With a few simple steps, you've transformed it into a versatile cone loader that's sure to impress. Now, go ahead and enjoy seamless rolling sessions with your newfound creation. Who knew JB Hempossible had this trick up its sleeve? Don’t forget to follow Jonnybaba on our socials for more such tips and tricks about rolling it up. 

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Until next time, happy rolling!