Most of us have heard of a bong, but do you know how it works? Even if you think you do, it’s worth revisiting the basics.

A bong is a container, typically made of glass, plastic, metal, wood or ceramic, that uses water to filter smoke from your herb. When you light the bong and start inhaling through the mouthpiece, smoke begins to bubble through the water. In seconds, this smoke fills the main chamber.

By pulling the down stem out or removing your finger from the trigger (also called as a rush hole), you change the pressure inside the bong, allowing you to inhale the collected smoke. Bubbling the smoke through water makes it thicker and cleaner, so taking a hit sooner is better for the best experience! Buy Percolator Bongs Online in India only on Jonnybaba.

What is a Percolator?

A percolator, or perc, is a component for bongs and dab rigs that cools the smoke, making the smoking experience smoother and preventing harsh smoke and coughing. As a result, percolators have become popular among both beginners and seasoned bong users.

A common question is, what is a percolator bong? Essentially, a percolator bong is a bong fitted with percolators. While water pipes already offer numerous benefits over other smoking accessories, percolators significantly enhance these benefits.

What Does a Percolator Do in a Bong?

Percolators serve multiple purposes: they prevent water from splashing into your mouth, cool down the smoke, and provide another level of filtration for a smoother hit. 

Regular bongs create large bubbles when you inhale, which can make the smoke feel hot and scratchy on your throat.

Percolator bongs are different. They have special chambers with filters that break the smoke into tiny bubbles. Percolator bongs generate more than thousands of bubbles & these tiny bubbles allow to cool down the smoke much faster for a smoother, cooler, and less irritating hit.

How do percolators work?

A percolator acts as an additional water chamber for your bong, often located within the tube component of the water pipe, though some designs feature percolators in different areas. When using a water pipe without a perc, the smoke passes through the water once, which can still be harsh for some users and may not filter all impurities.

With a percolator, the smoke travels through multiple layers of filtration, allowing enough time to purify and cool the smoke thoroughly before inhalation.

What Makes a Percolator Bong Unique?

The main difference between a standard bong and a percolator bong is that a percolator bong has one or more chambers containing water. Various filters separate each chamber, meaning the smoke is filtered multiple times before you take a hit.

The result? A smoother, thicker, more condensed hit that is much more enjoyable. The richer smoke characterizes a percolator bong, making it a favorite among users. Plus, percolator bongs look amazing and totally stand out of the box, making them a great choice to impress your smoker friends!

How Do Percolators Work?

Percolators are usually dome-shaped but can come in various designs. They serve as an additional water chamber for your bong, typically residing in the bong's tube. The percolator contains water and provides another filtering process for your smoke.

After you pull the smoke from your bong, it interacts with the water in the bowl. When traveling up the tube, the smoke interacts with the water a second time in the percolator.

This process cools and filters the smoke more efficiently in two ways. First, the smoke has another chance to contact water, cooling it naturally. Second, the increased surface area of the smoke reaching the water cools it further.

Additionally, the percolator breaks down the bubbles into smaller sizes due to the pressure within, resulting in a cooler, smoother hit.

Types of Percolators:

There are different types of percolator bongs, each designed to enhance the smoking experience by providing additional filtration and cooling. Here are some of the most common types:

Tree Perc: This classic design features multiple branching arms extending from a central tube. Each arm has slits or holes, allowing smoke to diffuse through the water for excellent filtration.

Honeycomb Perc: Named for its resemblance to a beehive, this perc features a flat disc with numerous small holes. Smoke is forced through these holes, creating a vast surface area for filtration and a very smooth hit.

Showerhead Perc: This design resembles a showerhead, with a central tube leading to a rounded bottom containing multiple slits or holes. Smoke is pushed through these openings, creating a shower-like effect that provides efficient filtration.

Inline Perc: This is a more discreet perc design, consisting of a horizontal tube with slits strategically placed. As smoke travels through the tube, it encounters these slits, creating a series of small bubbles that enhance filtration and cooling.

Turbine Perc: This visually appealing perc utilizes angled slits or holes to create a swirling effect as smoke passes through. This vortex action not only cools the smoke but also adds a mesmerizing aesthetic element to the smoking experience.

Matrix Perc: For those seeking ultimate filtration, the matrix perc offers a complex design. It features a combination of vertical and horizontal slits forming a grid-like structure. This intricate design provides maximum diffusion and filtration, resulting in exceptionally smooth hits.

Faberge Egg Perc: Inspired by the ornate Faberge eggs, this perc boasts a spherical design with multiple holes. Smoke is diffused through these holes, offering both a visually stunning and functionally effective smoking experience.

Barrel Perc: Shaped like a barrel, this perc features slits or holes around its circumference. Smoke is forced through these openings, creating a high level of diffusion and filtration.

Fritted Disc Perc: This unique perc utilizes a disc filled with small glass particles. Smoke is forced through the tiny gaps between these particles, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and cool hit due to the high level of diffusion achieved.

Swiss Perc: Borrowing its design from Swiss cheese, this perc features multiple holes throughout its body. The intricate network of holes creates a complex pathway for the smoke to travel through, enhancing both diffusion and cooling for a very smooth and flavorful hit.

The world of percolator bongs doesn't stop at individual designs. Many bongs incorporate multiple perc types within a single chamber, creating a synergy of filtration and cooling effects.  This can lead to incredibly smooth and flavorful hits, catering to those who seek the ultimate bong experience.

Each type offers a unique smoking experience, and some bongs combine multiple types of percolators to maximize filtration and cooling effects.

How to Clean Percolators:

Due to the number of chambers, the only disadvantage of a percolator bong is cleaning the bong. The standard cleaning process involves rubbing salt and isopropyl. Cleaning a bong with multiple percolators is easiest with the right bong cleaner and cleaning caps. These allow you to shake the bong vigorously, ensuring the cleaning solution reaches all parts of the percolators. Alternatively the best pair up for your percolator bong would be an Ash catcher to keep your percolator bongs clean. Shop Ash Catchers online in India only on Jonnybaba.


You can also pair your percolator bong with substitute bong shooters while you wash your actual bong shooter. That way you don't miss out on your smoke sessions and neither do you compromise on your hygiene. There are different types of bong shooters available for your bongs. Silicon, Glass & Metal are the top most preferable bong shooters by pro smokers across the world.

Do Percolators Affect Your High?

Percolators effectively cool your smoke, making it easier to inhale. However, they do not increase THC absorption. In fact, slightly more THC is lost in bongs with percolators than in those without, although the difference is minimal and won’t impact your high. Most users find the smoother hit worth it.

Percolator Bongs: The Ultimate Smoke Weapon for your next sesh

Regardless of your preferred percolator style, a bong with a percolator will improve your smoking experience. Invest in a quality glass perc bong to enjoy smooth hits without coughing fits and dry throat.