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Stash-Pro Slim Lighter

Rs. 79.00

The Stash-Pro Regular Flame Slim Cigarette Lighter is designed to maximize convenience while holding. It features a refillable and adjustable flame that is sure to light on the first attempt. The premium grip ensures a secure...

Stash-Pro Flint Lighter

Rs. 40.00

Presenting you Stash-Pro's Flint Lighter. These Lighters are designed for those who value excellent craftsmanship, making your everyday rolling routine more enjoyable. Flint system Lighter Adjustable Flame Refillable  Child-resistant – incorporates a...

Clipper Lighters - Mini

Rs. 59.00 – Rs. 299.00

Clipper Lighter - Mini. Each lighter is made in India from a super strong nylon material instead of cheap plastic. Won't crack and explode like cheap lighters. Includes integrated poker (for poking...

CLIPPER - Universal Lighter Gas (100 ml)

Rs. 100.00

Genuine Gas Refiller 100 ml from Clipper, one of the leading brands in refillable Gaslighters and its accessories. Odorless gas, perfect for refilling refillable lighters using Butane as fuel Universal...

Trippy baba Lighter

Rs. 199.00Rs. 149.00

All New Trippy Baba Lighters [World’s Slimmest Lighter | Non-Refillable available in 4 cool colours. • Offers up to 30% more ignition time• A sleek and elegant design with rounded...

Stash-pro Flippy Pocket Lighter

Rs. 299.00

Introducing Stash-pro's Flippy Pocket Lighter, an essential pocket companion for lighting all your outdoor activities. This reliable lighter boasts an electric ignition, torch flame, and a slip guard finish for...

Clipper Flint ( Pack of 5 )

Rs. 199.00Rs. 149.00

Replacement Clipper Lighter Flint Barrel Lighting Mechanism These are spare 'Clipper' Classic lighter flint mechanisms. The famous, 'Clipper Classic' lighter has a replaceable flint holder and wheel, Genuine Clipper Merchandise...

Clipper Lighter - 5/pack

Rs. 349.00

Clipper leads the way in the world lighter market and is a consumer favorite in refillable lighters because of its recognizable, iconic design and high-quality specification. Clipper lighters work well with pipes, Bongs,...

Stash-Pro Slim Flint Lighter #2

Rs. 69.00 – Rs. 1,863.00

The Stash-Pro Slim Flint Lighter is a reliable and stylish lighter. Featuring a slim design and premium grip, it fits snugly in your pocket. Refillable and with a flint that's...

Stash pro EZ flame Lighter - Refillable

Rs. 179.00

Whether you need a candle lighter for a special occasion, an extended lighter for your bong or a long wand lighter for your firepit, Stash pro EZ flame is there to...

Stash-Pro Fixed Flame Flint Lighters

Rs. 79.00 – Rs. 3,105.00

The Stash-Pro Fixed Flame Flint Lighter is designed to maximize convenience while holding. It features a refillable and fixed flame that is sure to light on the first attempt. The...

Bongchie Flint Lighters

Rs. 30.00 – Rs. 149.00

All New Bongchie Flint Lighters [Fixed Flame]  • Offers up to 30% more ignition time• An elegant design with rounded edges and cool color options• Can be stocked up to...

Elevate your style and make a statement with our diverse range of lighters. Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of Zippo lighters, the convenience of gas lighters, or the innovation of electric lighters, Quirky Clippers. we have the perfect options waiting for you. Embrace the art of ignition and shop with us today to experience the finest collection of lighters in India.

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