The Indian summer heatwave has arrived in full force and the entire nation is struggling to cope up with it. The sun beats down mercilessly, and scorching heat waves leave everyone longing for a breath of cool air. But amidst the heat wave, there's a chance to create the chill session of your dreams. Take a break from the summer's harsh embrace and treat yourself to a relaxing puff puff pass session. Let the gentle inhalation and slow exhale become your personal mantra. With every puff you take, lose out on the day’s sweltering heat & stress and invest in a peaceful & mind calming break for yourself. At Jonnybaba we take utmost thought and effort to make every session count, but this time we have made this special curation for you to catch a break from the heat. 

Here are the best picsk for an Ideal smoke sesh handpicked by The Baba himself. Sit back, relax, order your supplies and join the #JBFam.

The must have for a flavorful summer session: Jonnybaba Rolling Papers & Rolls

Ditch the monotonous white paper and ignite the fiesta of flavour with Jonnybaba's exclusive vibrant selection of flavored rolling papers and rolls

So, you're hanging out in your AC room, right?  Taking a break? As you chill, imagine a nice breeze carrying a whiff of your favorite flavours in your smoke. Is it the Mellow Mango or the cool minty blast of Cool Mint papers?

Each puff becomes a flavor explosion, transporting your senses to a tropical paradise or a crisp mint garden. Jonnybaba's curated selection boasts classic favorites like grape and strawberry alongside more adventurous notes like blueberry cheesecake and watermelon. Whether you're a solo performer or having a sesh with friends, there's a perfect flavor profile to set the tone for your smoke session. When they ask you where you got it from? Let them know that JB’s got your back and we have alot of other flavours to sesh with. Check out our brand new Rizla collection for the premium smokers out there.

Get Baked with Blunts:

Looking for a more collaborative smoke experience? Jonnybaba offers a variety of premium blunt & hemp wraps specifically designed to elevate your summer smoke sessions. From classic slow-burn styles to flavored wraps infused with invigorating citrus or juicy peach, Jonnybaba has everything you need to create a flavorful and enjoyable smoking experience for yourself and your friends.

These wraps are crafted from high-quality materials by renowned brands like Double Platinum, Juicy Jay, Kush Herbals, and Hemparillo, ensuring a smooth, even burn that maximizes your enjoyment. The variety of flavors allows you to experiment and find the perfect complement to your special herbs. Whether you're sharing a laugh-filled session with close friends using Double Platinum's classic wraps, enjoying a juicy peach-flavored Juicy Jay wrap while soaking up the summer sun, or unwinding under the stars with a smooth-burning Kush Herbal blunt wrap, Jonnybaba's curated selection ensures there's a perfect option for every mood and preference. Shop Blunts and Hemp Wraps online in India only on Jonnybaba.

The Percolator Bong: A Symphony of Smoothness

There's nothing quite like a smooth, refreshing smoke to cool down a scorching summer day. Enter the percolator bong, the summer smoke session MVP! Jonnybaba proudly carries premium bongs from renowned brands known for their superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. These percolator bongs utilize water filtration to create a cooler, more enjoyable experience. The diffused smoke is gentle on your throat, allowing you to savor the flavor and unwind completely. Take this summer refreshment to the next level by adding ice cubes to the bong's chamber. The ice further cools the smoke, creating an incredibly smooth and refreshing experience that's perfect for beating the summer heat. Shop Percolator Bongs online in India only on Jonnybaba.

The King of Filters: Breathe Easy with Carbon Filters

For those who prefer an even smoother and cleaner smoking experience, Jonnybaba offers a variety of carbon filters from brands like Purize, Gizeh, Smoking and more. These ingenious additions act as a bridge between harshness and enjoyment, further enhancing the filtration process. Carbon filters help clean out the smoke by trapping particles and impurities, resulting in a noticeably smoother smoke. This allows you to fully appreciate the true symphony of flavors and aromas present in your chosen blend. Additionally, during the hot summer months, heavy smoke can be unpleasant. Carbon filters help to reduce the smoke's density, making it lighter and easier to inhale, creating a more enjoyable overall smoking experience. Shop Carbon Filters online in India only on Jonnybaba. 

Comfort in the Spotlight: Jonnybaba T-Shirts

Summer is all about feeling cool and comfortable, both on and off the stage. Jonnybaba's collection of stylish cotton t-shirts ensures you'll look and feel your best during your outdoor smoke sessions. Choose from a variety of designs that express your unique personality, from bold graphics to subtle statements. These comfortable t-shirts become your summer smoking costume, allowing you to feel confident and relaxed as you enjoy your outdoor smoke symphony. Shop T-shirts online in India only on Jonnybaba.

The Minty Finale: A Refreshing Encore


No summer smoke session is complete without a mouth freshener to hide all traces. Jonnybaba offers a wide selection of delicious candies and mints from renowned brands like Wrigley's 5 gum, Trident, Hubba Bubba, and Ice Breakers. These strong mints & gums deliver a powerful cooling sensation that tackles lingering smoke breath and leaves you feeling confident and fresh. Whether you prefer the classic peppermint intensity of a Wrigley's 5 gum, the long-lasting fruit flavor of Trident, the playful bubblegum burst of Hubba Bubba, or the icy freshness of Ice Breakers, there's a perfect post-smoke treat waiting for you at Jonnybaba to end your smoke session on a high note (and with a fresh breath). Shop Mints & Gums online in India only on Jonnybaba.

The Hydration Therapy

The key to enhancing your smoke session lies in maintaining proper hydration. It's essential to have ample water readily available during your next smoke sesh. Think of water as the vital conductor of an orchestra, orchestrating a harmonious experience and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Staying hydrated not only helps in preventing dry mouth and potential dehydration but also aids in keeping your overall experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Make sure to keep a bottle or a glass of water within reach to sip on throughout your session. 

With Jonnybaba's summer essentials, you have everything you need to create unforgettable memories and unlimited chill sessions. From flavored papers to refreshing mints and top-notch smoking accessories, Jonnybaba elevates your outdoor smoke sessions to a whole new level. Head over to today and get ready to experience summer smoking like never before!