What are Charcoal Activated Filters?

Charcoal activated filters are innovative products designed to enhance the smoking experience by reducing harmful substances and providing a smoother, milder smoke. These filters contain activated charcoal — a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for absorption. Brands like Smoking, actiTube, Purize, CTIP, and Slimjim offer a variety of these filters to cater to different smoking preferences.

How Do They Work?

The primary function of charcoal activated filters is to trap harmful toxins and molecules within the activated charcoal's porous structure. This process, known as adsorption, involves the chemical reaction where certain compounds are attracted to activated charcoal and bond with it. The large surface area of the activated charcoal allows it to capture a significant amount of toxins and impurities, reducing their presence in the smoke.

How to Use Them for Smoking?

Using charcoal activated filters for smoking is relatively straightforward. Typically, the filter is placed between the cigarette or joint and the smoker's mouth. As you inhale, the smoke passes through the filter, which absorbs the harmful toxins before the smoke reaches your lungs.

Purize charcoal filters

It's essential to replace the filter regularly to ensure its effectiveness. The frequency of replacement depends on usage and the specific brand's recommendations. For instance, Purize recommends replacing their XTRA Slim Size filter after about 5-6 uses. You can buy them here.

Different Sizes and Types

Different brands offer charcoal activated filters in various sizes and types. Here's a closer look at what some popular brands offer:

actiTube: This brand provides activated charcoal filters in two main sizes: the regular size measuring 8.4mm x 35mm, and the slim size. These filters can be used for rolling cigarettes or fit into most common 9mm pipes. You can buy them here.

Purize: Purize offers an array of activated carbon filters, including the XTRA Slim Size and super slim size which measures 5.9mm x 27mm. They also provide the Super slim size filter that is 5mm x 27mm

CTIP: CTIP offers activated charcoal filter tips with an aluminium barrel and these filters are often used for hand-rolled cigarettes and joints.

Slimjim: Slimjim's charcoal filters measure 7mm x 20mm, designed to fit most standard hand-rolled cigarettes. You can buy them here.

How to Choose the Right Smoking Filter for Your Smoking Needs

When it comes to smoking, whether it be tobacco, fat joints, slim joints, rolled cigarettes, hash, weed, or even herbs, choosing the right filter can significantly enhance your experience. Filters not only help in reducing harmful toxins but also provide a smoother, milder smoke. This article will guide you through different smoking scenarios and how to choose the right filter for each.

Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco smoking is perhaps the most common scenario where filters are used. A good filter helps reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that enters your lungs, making the smoke less harsh. For tobacco smoking, regular-sized activated charcoal filters like those from actiTube or Purize are recommended. These filters are designed to fit into most common 9mm pipes and can also be used for rolling cigarettes.

Actitube charcoal filter

Smoking Fat Joints

For those who enjoy smoking fat joints, the choice of filter becomes crucial as it can significantly affect the overall experience. Activated charcoal filters work exceptionally well in this scenario, as they can effectively filter out harmful toxins without compromising the taste or potency of the smoke. Brands like CTIP offer activated charcoal filter tips that are better for fatter hand-rolled joints because they are made to be 1mm wider on one end to help you roll that perfect cone. You can buy them here.

 C-tip Charcoal Filters Jonnybaba

Rolling your own Cigarettes

When it comes to Rolling your own cigarettes, slimmer and economical filters are preferable. They provide a more natural draw and do not restrict the airflow as much as larger filters. For these types of smoking scenarios, brands like smoking and Purize offer slim filter options.

Best carbon filters acc to us to roll your own cigarettes are Smoking carbon active acitate filters 15x6 mm

Smoking carbon active filters

Smoking Hash

Hash smoking can produce a stronger and harsher smoke compared to other substances. Therefore, a filter that can effectively reduce the harshness without compromising the potency of the smoke is essential. Once again, activated charcoal filters come to the rescue. They can absorb a considerable amount of toxins and impurities, ensuring a smoother smoking experience. One of the best charcoal filters to roll a slim # joint is Purize super slim 5mm filters 

purize 5mm


Smoking Weed

When it comes to smoking weed, the choice of filter can significantly affect the taste and overall experience. More Wider Activated charcoal filters are often the go-to choice because they not only reduce harmful toxins but also enhance the flavor of the smoke. Brands like White Elephant offer charcoal filters that are designed to fit most standard hand-rolled joints.

Smoking Herbs

For those who enjoy smoking herbs, choosing a filter that doesn't compromise the natural flavour is crucial. Organic and sustainable filters, like those offered by Smoking, are an excellent choice. These filters contain activated carbon based on coconut, offering a natural alternative for those who prioritize environmental sustainability.

 Smoking active charcoal filters

In conclusion, choosing the right filter for your smoking needs largely depends on what you're smoking and your personal preferences. Activated charcoal filters have proven to be versatile and effective across different smoking scenarios, making them a popular choice among smokers. By understanding their benefits and how they work, you can make an informed decision that enhances your smoking experience.