Greetings, fellow aficionados of the green! If you find yourself nodding knowingly at terms like "Dank," "Crossfade," and "Cottonmouth," then congratulations! You're well-versed in the symphony of w£ed slang. But fear not, newcomers – we're here to guide you through the intoxicating vocabulary of a Desi stoner circle. So, sit back, relax, and let's delve into the words that'll have you seamlessly blending into the cannabis conversation.

3DP (3 Dum Pass):

Meaning: Take 3 Puffs and Pass the Doobie

Example: “Sookha nasha gunah hai, 3 Dum Pass kya, 1 Dum bhi nai lena hai”


Meaning: 1 small ball of h@sh, enough to make one doobie

Example: “M-cream ke sirf ek ante me mere saare ke saare dost bajj pade”


Bamba/Fatty/Bob Marley J/Bazooka/Baseball Bat:

Meaning: A fat doobie that’s twice the size of a regular one

Example: “Ek fatty/bamba banaya and Paanch logo ka kaam set”


Meaning: Leftovers from a baggie

Example: “Mere pass kuch nai tha toh maine, bhukke ka hi J bana liya”


Meaning: Although widely used in India, Blunt is a wrong word for a J with no tobacco. On the other hand a Raw J means a J in which tobacco mixing isn't added.

Example: “Kal ek Blunt/Raw J fook liya, gale ke L lagg gaye hai”

Bombay Black:

Meaning: This has it’s origin in the early 2010’s in the SOBO region of Mumbai. The worst quality H@sh you’ll ever come across that can at times even be fatal to your life.The peddlers (to avoid getting caught and to increase their profits selling H@sh) used to make cheap quality h@sh by mixing items such as rat poison, battery liquid and many such chemically harmful materials for the user to smoke. Smokers couldn’t usually differentiate between actual h@sh and Bombay black and due to the consumption of Bombay Black, many have fallen ill and suffered severe health issues. H@sh is usually brownish-green in colour whereas bombay black as the name suggests was black in colour.

Example: “Kuch fooko na fooko, Bombay Black kabhi mat fookna”

Charsa (Charas):

Meaning: Indian name for H@sh/ H@shish

Example: “Charas is an illegal thing to possess or consume in India”

Charsi / ganjedi:

Meaning: A term used to describe someone who consumes Charas (H@sh)/ Ganja (W£ed). Basically a stoner

Example: “Baccho ko bade hoke successful bann na chahiye, Charsi/Ganjedi nahi”

Chemical (W£ed):

Meaning: The cheapest quality of W£ed that is harmful for consumption and can cause severe health conditions due to the chemical additives added to it to make it more potent.

Example: “Indian youth need to be guided so that they don’t end up smoking cheap Chemical (W£ed) that’s easily accessible to them”


Meaning: The dry feeling one gets after blazing one up

Example: “The last time I visited Canada and smoked a doobie, I felt cottonmouth for the first time in life”


Meaning: A phenomenon where a person mixes alcohol and w£ed and gets intoxicated to another level. This never ends well and one should refrain from crossing their own personal boundaries.

Example: “I recently read in the news that a guy met with an accident on the highway, police say he was crossfaded


Meaning: A word that usually refers to something that's “bad”, “wet” or “Moist”. But in the stoner vocabulary this means the best strain to smoke. 

Example: “When I visited Thailand, my buddy there welcomed be with the Dankest bud he could get his hands on”

Ganga Jamuna:

Meaning: A J rolled with W£ed & H@sh combined

Example: “Manali ke pahado pe ek bhaiji mile the, unhone mujhe ek Ganga Jamuna Mix fukaya tha”

Ganga Jamuna Godavari:

Meaning: A J rolled with W£ed, Tobacco & H@sh combined

Example: “Kasol ke pahado me, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati fukneka maza hi kuch aur tha”

Gol, Bhand, Jhang, Fanka Fast, Headshot, Bajesh, Fat ke flower:

Meaning: These are words that represent the stoned state of mind. Usually when someone is high, either of these words are used to put emphasis on how high they are

Example: “Mere poore Canada ke trip me mei fat ke flower hua pada tha”

Jadi Booti/Babaji ki Booti/Hariyali:

Meaning: A term used to call W£ed in Indian slang. As it is a naturally growing plant and is used by Sadhus and Babas in India to help them meditate. Hence the use of the word “Babaji” ki booti

Example: Babaji ki booti gif


Meaning: Hindi slang for a spliff in north & west India

Example: “Gedi chalti rahe, Jota jalta rahe”


Meaning: A long c@nnabis sativa flower that is usually used for smoking

Example: “Bhukka kisi kaam ka nahi, asli kaam toh Kali karta hai”

Magic Butter:

Magic Butter

Meaning: A butter variant made with infused c@nnabis plants that are usually used to make edibles.

Example: “I made my first ever batch of Magic butter back when I was in Canada” 


Meaning: The first J of the day. It’s different from wake n’ bake. 

Example: “Let me spark the J.It’s my morning J”

Peddy (Peddlar):

Meaning: The dealer of good times. 

Example: “Maine peddy ka number delete kar diya, Usse mera kuch rishta naata nai”

Pandu, Thola, Civil:

Meaning: Cops, Anti- Narcos

Example: “Bhag bhag bhag, thola Civil me aaya hai”

Slimmer, Pinner:

Meaning: A slim J for solo consumption

Example: “Back in the states, I was habitual of smoking solo slimmers when all my other friends were busy”

Space cookies:

Meaning: Homemade cannabis-infused cookies that transport you to another dimension.

Example: "I baked a batch of space cookies last night. Good luck staying grounded!"


Meaning: 10g of anything in India is called a Tola.  

Example: “Last month, maine 1 tola sone me invest kiya.”

Now, armed with a comprehensive weed vocabulary, you're ready to roll with the best of them. So, spark one up, embrace the elevated lexicon, and let the good vibes roll on! Happy toking! 🌿✌️


NOTE: This is for information purposes only, Jonnybaba in no way promotes the sale or consumption of any products considered illegal by the Indian Judiciary System.