After years of being single, looking for love in all the wrong places, hoping for a miracle to happen when you have finally found a companion that makes you smile & blush every time you think about them, you better treasure them for life. In today’s world, where finding true love is difficult but finding someone who can roll up for you in your difficult times and the person you puff puff pass your doobie to is an even bigger task.

If you’re a single person reading this blog, don’t feel bad. We have something special for you too, (scroll to the end of the blog)

If you have finally, after struggling for so long, found your partner who keeps up to your 420 shenanigans then it’s time for you to step up your gifting game this valentine’s because they deserve SO MUCH BETTER. You don’t need to buy your better half a whole lotta gifts to show them that you care, but this JB gifting idea might just do the trick for you ;)

The "420 Valentine’s Gift Kit for HIM & HER", let’s get high on love:

Buy Valentines Gift for Him/ Her online in India


Picture this – a sly grin, a shared joint, and a moment of pure bliss. Show your herb-loving partner, be it HIM or HER, how much they mean to you with our specially curated 420 Valentine’s Gift Kit. Imagine an assortment of carefully selected items that cater to your 420-friendly lifestyle. From sleek accessories to high-quality essentials, this kit is designed to make hearts skip a beat.

Whether HIM or HER, our Valentine’s Gift Kit is crafted to bring joy and excitement to your shared adventures. Envision a collection tailored to HIM – a celebration of his love for the greens. For HER, it's a thoughtful selection of products that reflect her passion for the greens. From chic accessories to premium essentials, this carefully curated kit is sure to leave her feeling cherished and understood on this day of love. Because every toker deserves a Valentine's Day that resonates with their unique spirit. Order Now.

What do you get in each box?

1 x Wooden Stash Box Small - (L - 8 inches x W - 4.9 inches x H - 4 inches) 1999

1 x JB Acrylic Grinder - ( Assorted Colour ) 299

1 x Cotton Mouth Perfect Jay - 5 Cones 75

1 x Doobtube - (  Black ) 99

1 x Wooden Poker - 99

1 x Juicy Jay Blunt - ( Assorted Flavour ) 149

1 x Stash Pro Slim Lighter - ( Assorted Design ) 79

1 x Hempossible Hemp Paper Ks - ( 32 Sheets ) 79

1 x Raw classic KS - ( 32 Sheets ) 99

1 x Juicy Jay Cotton Candy - ( 32 Sheets ) 149

1 x Mace Black Rolling Paper - ( 30 Sheets ) 199

1 x Elements Rice Rolling Paper ( 32 Sheets ) 99

1 x Stash Pro Pink Rolling Paper ( 32 Sheets ) 70

1 x Stash Pro Brown Paper With tips Small (40 Sheets + 40 Tips ) 99

1 x Smokers Ring Silicone ( Assorted Colour ) 199

1 x Raw Perforated Tip ( 50 tips ) 49

1 x Triper Multicolour Tip - ( 36 tips ) 30

4 x Jonnybaba Turbine Tips ( 32 tiper per pack ) 120

1 x Jonnybaba Keychain  49

The total value of this Kit is Rs 4000+. But money shouldn’t be a cause of concern when it comes to love, so we’re offering a Rs 1000 flat discount on this kit in the name of LOVE.

Why Choose the 420 Valentine's Gift Kit?

Tailored to Your Lifestyle: Our kit is designed for couples who share a love for 420, ensuring your gifts align perfectly with your joint adventures.

Surprise Element: Keep the excitement alive with a gift that's as unique and unexpected as your love story. Our carefully chosen items will bring a smile to your partner's face.

Quality Assurance: Each product in the kit is chosen for its quality, ensuring that your gift reflects the value you place on your relationship.

Thoughtful Gestures: It's not about the quantity but the thought behind the gift. Our kit is a testament to your understanding of your partner's passions and preferences.

This Valentine's Day, go beyond the ordinary and make a statement that resonates with your shared experiences. The 420 Valentine’s Gift Kit is not just a collection of items; it's a celebration of your unique connection, a nod to the moments you've shared, and a promise of many more to come. Elevate your love game with this exclusive gift kit.

‘ONLY FOR SINGLES’ KIT: Elevate Your Solo Sessions

Buy Valentine's Gift for Singles

If you have been struggling to get yourself the right partner this Valentine’s, don’t worry. We have just the thing for you. Presenting to you our Limited Edition ‘ONLY FOR SINGLES’ Valentine’s Kit. It has everything that you need to make your smoke session better & to forget the ones that couldn’t make it to your incredible smoke sesh.

Envision a collection of carefully chosen items that cater to your solo smoking adventures. From unique accessories to high-quality essentials, this kit is designed to make your smoke sessions unforgettable. Order Now.

What do you get in this box?

This kit comprises of:

1x Raw Authentic  Mini Rolling Tray Limited Edition (Size - 5" x 7" inch)

1x Trip Transparent Rolling Papers ( 40 sheets per pack)

1x Skunk Brand king size Rolling Papers ( 32 sheets Per Pack )

1x Smoking Thinnest

1x Smoking Thinnest King Size Rolling Papers ( 33 Sheets Per pack )

1x Raw Classic King Size Slim ( 32 Sheets per Pack)

1x Rolling Filters King Size Slim ( 32 Sheets Per pack )

1x Kingpin hemp Wraps ( Blue )

1x Classic Cricket Striker 

3x Jonnybaba Turbine roach ( 50 leaves Per Pack )

Why Choose the ‘ONLY FOR SINGLES’ Kit?

Self-Love Celebration: Treat yourself to a Valentine's Day dedicated to self-love and personal enjoyment.

Enhance Your Sessions: Elevate your solo smoke sessions with premium accessories and essentials. Get your single pals to join in for a like minded company.

Quality Assurance: Each item in the kit is hand packed by Team Jonnybaba for its quality & popularity, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

This Valentine's Day, whether you're sharing the love with a partner or celebrating your solo journey, our exclusive kits are here to make your experience exceptional. Because every smoker deserves a Valentine's Day that's as unique as themselves. Shop Now.