If you are a stoner and in a hunt for your new favorite bong, or maybe even your first bong then this list is for you.

Here at Jonnybaba we know that Indian Stoners love Bong Rips to get high fast and hard, So we have curated a list of 5+  Bongs in India that you should try.

Bong enhances the flavor and also provides you with a much harder hit then joints. There are so many amazing designs out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. This list is full of cool bongs though, so just scroll down and you’ll find some of the best bongs in India.


1)  Jonnybaba Beaker Glass Percolator Ice Bong 

Percolator Glass Bong

After using this bong for more than a year, I can easily vouch Classic beaker percolator bong is the best Glass Bong online in India. Perfect size of 12 inch ensures a handy grip. we have manufactured this bong with the highest quality export Glass available. Made by the local artisans in India whi guarantees the smoothest Tokes (Click here to check out Price)


2) Jb Ice Monster Glass bong - 8 inch 

Our supercool Ice Monster glass bong is yet another Incredible Glass bong available online at Jonnybaba Store There aren't many small bongs that are equipped with "ice notches", but the JB monster glass bong is.

Glass Bong Online in India

 If you want better cooling and filtration, or in other words, a very smooth and tasteful smoke, then fill it up with ice cubes. Of course, you do not necessarily need to use ice cubes, it works fine with only water. But this is an ice bong, and ice cubes increase smoking comfort dramatically.

You will be amazed when you see our prices 


3) Jonnybaba Rasta bong - Mini 

Mini Glass Bong

Rasta Mini Glass Bong fits right into your hands and can be carried in to pockets anywhere. Gives amazing tokes which puts you right into space. 

We do efficient packaging and quality check before any dispatch & still if you receive any damaged item you can contact us within 24 hours and we will replace it right away 

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4)  Glow in Dark Glass Bong

Glow in dark glass bong available in india

This glass bong litrelly goes glowing blue in dark, the more you charge in under the sun or in uv the more it will glow.    

glow in dark bongs online


 Another 10 inch ice bong with sturdy body and dashing looks. dont worry even if yyou break or loose the shooter you can buy them here 

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 5)  Jonnybaba Pear Glass Bong - 7 inch 

small glass bong online india

The little curve on the neck gives it handy look, this comes with ice notches too. A good buy in the price and a very useful gift to any stoner 

Grab this glass bong right now and get it delivered across India with easy refund and replace guarantee 

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Feel free to Share your own experience with glass bong in comment section.