Smoking and SMK Accessories On JonnyBaba Lifestyle

Wouldn’t you love it knowing that your blunt is 100% nature-friendly? Of course, the herb is natural. But what if your rolling papers and filters were also eco-friendly? As lovers of green in all sense of the word, we all like stuff that's eco-friendly. And at JonnyBaba, we emphasize environment-friendly smoking by promoting accessories that don’t harm nature. Smoking® and SMK are sibling brands that follow this very principle. And you’ll surely love the experience of smoking green and pure. Let's check out what we have in store from this awesome Spanish brand. 

  1.   Why Choose Smoking ®?

Smoking® happens to be among the top names in the rolling paper booklet market worldwide. It is also a pioneering exporter based in Spain. It has its roots deep in the stoners’ hearts worldwide, with a presence in 5 continents and over 100 nations. 

Over 75% of its products are exported and it mainly produces rolling papers and related accessories.


 Eco-friendly Approach 

As a brand focussing on sustainability as much as innovations, Smoking® can be your lifelong friend for the smoking experience it brings. You can roll up in Smoking® papers and light away knowing that you're dealing no harm to Mother Nature. 

The brand also offers a wide range of Rolling papers and related accessories. 

Not just that, Smoking® uses Arabic gum in making the rolling papers. This is purely organic and is derived from Senegalensis Acacia also known as Acacia gum. As a brand fully committed to leaving no trail on the environment, its products protect and care for the nature that provides us the herbs. 

Look out for 'Tree Free' seals on the products. These products were made without harming or felling a single tree.

Let's take a look at some of the top Smoking® products you can pick up from JonnyBaba lifestyle store.


  1.  Smoking® Accessories
  1.  Rolling Papers

Smoking® is highly committed to protecting the environment and fulfills it through its rolling papers. Its papers are ‘Tree free’, or involve no deforestation. Further, it is unbleached, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in the papers. Go ahead and pick the size of your choice. 

  • Regular sized[1-1 ¼]

Smoking® presents regular sized rolling papers for your smoking pleasure. They are ideal for a regular blunt and they measure 69x37mm in size.

These are prepared from 100% Bio-certified hemp fibers. And no fertilizers or pesticides are used during their cultivation. Now make your smoke sessions green and pollution-free with Smoking® Regular sized rolling papers

You can also choose the unbleached brown version of Smoking® regular, which has high transparency and burns slowly.

For cut corner regular sized rolling papers, check out these SMK blue 1 ¼ rolling papers.

Or try SMK liquorice regular rolling paper, made from natural glue. It gives a slow burn. 


  • King-sized Papers

Are you looking to blaze up a blunt with your homies? Then roll one in a King size paper and light up, it won’t disappoint. For your standard ‘uncompromised’ joints, the king size is the best. Smoking® offers Thinnest King Size Rolling papers that measure 108x44 mm in dimension and packs a sturdy joint. It comes with natural vegetable gum and contains no additives.

Alternatively, you can go for these thin King sized rolling papers by SMK. These brown beauties are made of FSC paper and burn slowly. Measuring 110x44 mm in dimensions, they come with King Sized tips too.


  1. Smoking Filters

Does smoking often make your throat uncomfortable? Don’t you like to relieve your throat a bit and enjoy the smoking experience more? Now you can smoke without going hard on the throat using smoking filters. 

Smoking® offers carbon activated smoking filters for a smoother, purer, and softer smoking experience. Check out these Smoking® filters measuring 15x 6 mm in size(Slim) and enjoy a smooth smoking experience.


  • Slim sized filters

Want to enjoy slim blunts while keeping the smoke soft and clean? Try these Smoking classic filters Slim size. These slim beauties have a fine paper lining, so you can also use them to smoke cigarettes. You will get these in hermetically sealed bags to retain their freshness. Rolling has just been made easier!

Do you love to add a little flavor to the smoke you’re inhaling? If so, these Menthol Smoking Filters might be your thing. Made of menthol-flavored cotton wool, these slim filters will leave a lasting freshness in your mouth.

Willing to go the distance to strip away the tar from smoke? Grab these Carbon Activated Smoking Filters. They make your smoking experience as clean as it can get.


  • Slim long size filters

Want to roll up longer joints and smoke clean at the same time? Use one of these longer Smoking Classic Slim Cotton Filters. They are 22mm long, perfect for your King size joints.

  1. Rolling Paper Rolls

Wouldn’t it be cool if you decided how large or small you want your joint to be? That’s the freedom you can enjoy with these Smoking Brown Rolling Paper Rolls. They are 4 meters long, unbleached, and contain natural gum, making for a green smoking experience. Besides, its watermark ensures an even burn for maximum smoking pleasure.

For a fancier rolling paper roll, try these Smoking Deluxe Rolling Paper Roll Plus Tips. These are strong and transparent and have a watermark that ensures slow even burn. They are also 4 meters long and measure 108x44 mm per unit. Worry not, because they’re made of natural Arabic vegetable gum and carry no additives.


  1.  Ultra Fine and Ultra-Thin Rolling papers

If you don't prefer the taste of rolling papers much, you should go for thin rolling papers. These are subtle, and their flavor doesn’t ruin the smoking experience a bit. Check out these Ultra-thin rolling papers available on JonnyBaba Lifestyle.

If Ultra-thin rolling papers are your thing, then look no further than the Smk Slim Ultra Fine Rolling Papers King Size. Measuring 107x44mm, they can pack a punch without getting in the way of your herb’s flavor. It may be ultra-thin but it is also ultra stable for rolling and has its gum derived from natural gum. 

Smoking® dedicates its Rolling papers to all the thin paper lovers out there in this Smoking® Thinnest King Size + Tips Pack. These King Size rolling papers are a combination of transparency and strength. Also, they’re made of vegetable gum and carry no additives, making it a natural smoking experience with just the pure flavor coming through.


JonnyBaba Lifestyle believes in individual choices. That’s why we try our best to provide you the most customized experience in smoking. We want everyone to choose what’s best for you, so that your experience stays fulfilling and memorable. We keep updating our products to make sure everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for. You can visit Jonnybaba to stay updated on all kinds of smoking accessories and goodies. 

Take care. Peace...